"As a mixed media artist, I enjoy using a wide variety of mediums and techniques... collage, acrylic paint on canvas, watercolour and ink, and both digital and hand drawn illustrations. I love using my diverse art as inspiration to design my bags as it creates space to play with ideas, images and textures in thought-provoking, unexpected ways.”

Trisha Oldfield has grown into the established artist she is today by pairing the strong artistic foundation she gained while studying in formal institutions with self exploration and the experimentation with a variety of creative mediums.

Oldfield’s work is sought after for its vibrancy, wit, and inspired play. Over the years, her works have been commissioned by government and corporate clients and purchased by private collectors worldwide. Her pieces adorn a wide variety of spaces, from private homes to the walls at Google Headquarters. In 2021, British VOGUE spotlighted Oldfield in an International Artist feature. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and Mexico. Oldfield is set apart for her willingness to push her own creative limits, while delving unapologetically into her own self-expression. You are invited to explore her work, and learn more about her at 




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